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The design refers to the way your cake is built. For an old-fashioned look, you may choose to stack your wedding cake, setting layer directly upon luscious layer. For that fairy tale wedding, you might set your tiers on columns for a grand pillared look. Or, you may decide on a flat cake, baked in an interesting shape or meaningful pattern.


Whether your dream cake is modern or traditional, ornate or simple, chances are it will feature carefully-crafted decorations. Sugarpaste is the principal medium for most wedding cake decoration, though fruit, flowers, fondant, droegnets and marzipan creations are also very popular.


Filling is the delicious froth that is spread between cake layers, literally, to fill the cake in. Filling can be anything from jam, cream, frosting, icing, chocolate, mousse, fruit, buttercream, curd, cream cheese to marscapone and more. It can be one flavor or a combination of flavors and filling types.



Not only should a wedding cake look amazing, it should taste amazing, too. Determining the flavor of your cake is yet another opportunity for you to both showcase your tastes and round off a delectable reception menu with a divine treat. The most popular wedding cake flavors are lemon, vanilla, chocolate, yellow, spice, pink champagne, orange cream cycle, and marble of any two flavors. However, if your tastes lean toward the exotic and you have retained the services of a talented pastry chef, cake flavor options are limited only by the imagination


The layer of frosting that covers the whole cake is called icing. It is the wedding cake base color, on top of which additional decoration may be layered. The most common icing types are buttercream, royal and fondant.


This icing is creamy and soft and tastes the best of the three. Because of its softness, however, buttercream is not terribly versatile. Some bakers are able to smooth it over a cake in such a way that it resembles fondant, but generally, buttercream looks like what it is — frosting.


Just When You Thought The Party Was Over...

Your cake looks and tastes amazing — at least that’s what everyone says. You were too busy smashing a piece into your new husband’s face to really notice. Still, while there are still a few yummy morsels left…

Sweet Endings. Have a few pieces of wedding cake wrapped up and sent home with mom, dad, close family members and friends. If you’re staying at a hotel, have the cake delivered to their rooms before they arrive. Don’t forget — you can always send a slice ahead to your honeymoon suite, too!

Freezing The Cake. Ask your caterer to carefully and meticulously wrap the top layer of your cake in cellophane and foil. If you’re leaving for your honeymoon right away, have mom or dad stash the cakelet in their freezer for safekeeping. You simply HAVE to defrost it for your first anniversary.


Don't Forget To...

When you place your order and make your deposit, make sure to obtain a written agreement or contract that specifies the kind of cake, filling, and frosting, the number of people it will serve, the design details you have agreed upon, and the delivery date, time, and procedure. Also, put in writing any additional fees or rental charges, and ask how the final payment is to be made (cash, check, credit card).